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How to Stop Foreclosure in Georgia – We Can Help


Are you spending too much of your time and energy trying to figure out how to stop foreclosure in Georgia? What if I told you the process to stop foreclosure is much easier than what lenders scare you to believe. Imagine coming out of this foreclosure process with an easy victory, and an even better life than before!

Though you may go through the emotions of feeling scared and hopeless, or even embarrassed, your lives are not falling apart.

Most people respond to going through the foreclosure process in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Anger.  a lot of people will compensate for their fear with anger. They will be looking for someone to blame. They may have adopted the stance that the world has conspired against them to get to this point.
  2. Denial.  they are so afraid they simply can’t deal with the realities and have stuck their head in the sand, their fingers in their ears and are going….lalalalala…I can’t hear you.
  3. Panic and Desperation.  People in this group are fighters. They see the train coming through the tunnel. They just don’t know how to get out of the way. They want help, but they don’t know who to ask, what to do or where to turn.

Congratulations! I’m going to bet that because you are searching the internet looking for how to STOP foreclosure in Georgia, you fall into the fighter category.

how to stop foreclosure in Georgia by fighting

But in order to know how to stop the foreclosure process in Georgia, you have to know what it is. So here’s a quick and easy break down of the foreclosure process…

Foreclosure proceedings begin with the filing of a civil action complaint, the recording of a Lis Pendens in the public records and the issuance of a summons to each defendant in the case, including the homeowner. The homeowner is given approx. 20 days from the date they are served to respond to that summons by filing an answer to the complaint. That begins the proceedings. How long before it is put on the auction block is the question. The clock is ticking and bear in mind that courts are now catching up on cases so the once upon a time extended stay in a ‘pre-foreclosure’ property no longer exists.



Just remember, that though you may go through the emotions of feeling scared and hopeless, or even embarrassed, your lives are NOT falling apart.  If you let these raw emotions get the best of you, it may cause you to act or behave in an irrational manner. Even if you just need someone to be there for you just to LISTEN. We can empathize with you, and we are here and ready to diffuse the situation. Selling your home before you are slapped with a foreclosure on your credit, may be just what you needed for a fresh clean start in life.

Our specialty is offering compassionate solutions. Stop foreclosure in Georgia Now by clicking here to complete our fast & fair offer form.

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