“What I enjoyed most, was the fact that Tavon was so honest, and he made the process very easy! He is pretty funny too! He kept me in good spirits the entire time.” -Geoffrey Hatfield (Philadelphia, PA)

“Talk about awesome customer service! I felt at ease from the very beginning. I had already had it set in my mind that selling my house was going to be a hard process. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be so easy working with you guys. I was able to focus on other things that were important to me. I don’t know what I would have done without Ashlee’s insight. Thank you again”. -Elizabeth Howard (Powder Springs, GA)

“Working with Tavon was a breeze! He gave me a fair offer for my house, and I got my house sold faster than I thought!” -Amy Soto (Darby, PA)

“I had no clue whether it would be best for me to list my house as a traditional sell, or sell my house fast for cash, or to continue being a landlord. Tracy did such a wonderful job explaining the pros and cons of each option. I decided that selling my home on a lease option was the best option for me. Fairofferbuyers.com took care of the entire process. It was so seamless and allowed me to focus my attention on my new business. Thanks guys.”  -Jason Miller (Atlanta, GA)